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I do find that you meet lovely people at craft markets. Last month I took the Craft Unit to the lovely town of Frome to have a stall at the Cheese and Grain (a super community venue that a while back had a surprise visit from the Foo Fighters!) 

Early setup on a Saturday with lots of friendly folk around, an Arthouse Unlimited mug goes to a fellow stallholder straight away. He's selling flowers and the mug has bees on it so it's perfect for him. A woman opposite tells me about the years she has spent travelling the country selling beeswax food wraps. It's always interesting to hear about people who have been doing these things for a long time - because it makes so much sense and they have the foresight! - far before the zeitgeist. I watch as people curiously pick them up and make enquiries throughout the day. It's a great way to store food without the plastic, hopefully they will soon make clingfilm a beast of the past.

The Somerset Wildlife chap chats for a while - he said he hasn't stopped chatting since he learnt the art as a toddler - I think he's usually at the market. He is terrific at bringing passers by in for a conversation on conservation, especially children who love the pictures of moles and badgers. Later my attentions turn to chickens, when a customer talks me through his fort knox fox fight. He's built a chicken run so strong, with wire plunging deep into the ground that his chickens will be safe from predators for as long as they all shall live. I start thinking about our three and the badger set just behind the garden...time to get some more wire dug down!

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