Pot-gripper - Turn Right at the Big Mango Tree

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100% cotton silkscreen printed pot-gripper with metal eyelet

Hand designed in Stockholm by women who have migrated and are settling in Sweden, using design as a way of finding a place in a new society and learning a foreign language

This pot-gripper comes in two striking designs - 'Turn Right at the Big Mango Tree' and 'Olives', making choosing just one quite tricky! They have been created as an alternative to an oven glove, to assist the manoeuvring of hot pots from the stove

'Turn Right at the Big Mango Tree' design arose from a collaboration between Livstycket and a women's co-operative in Uganda, with the aim of helping them to become self sufficient. The women were taught sewing, design methods and fabric pressing. They have since received many orders for their garments and have become well known in the area. Livstycket member created this design based on the instructions they first received on their visit on the way to the co-operative: "Turn right at the big mango tree" 

Size: Approx 19cm x 24cm

Care: Wash on up to 60 degrees - do not tumble dry

*Each pot-gripper has been cut from a larger piece of fabric so each pot-holder varies slightly in design